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This movie is made to promote Supported Employment all over the world. Examples of good practices are recorded from different places around the world. It shows possibilities for persons with different types of disabilities to work in the open labour market.

Valeria is working in a shop in Buenos Aires. The employer had no experience in employing a persons with a disability and started a pilot for a few hours a week. The employer found out that Valeria could do more than expected. Her working hours were increased and she is now also performing more tasks since she started working..

David is working for the public administration of the City of Belfast, Northern Ireland. David has autism. The City of Belfast started a recruitment program to provide 400 placements for long-term unemployed persons, including persons with a disability. A training program started for 45 persons, including 9 persons with a disability. David was among those selected.

In New York a job was create in a restaurant where the job seeker had to take care of the wine stock. This job fits perfect with the job seeker.

Claudio is working in a drugstore in Buenos Aires. The job coach tasks are carried out by a co-worker of the company. In the introduction period a tutor of the supported employment organization keeps contact with the employer and Claudio for advise and help.

Jobsupport in New South Wales provides a transition to work program for school leavers with a disability. The support includes a one-to-one training on-the-job. Time is also invested in getting to know the individual's abilities and interests. Jobsupport is also working with the families of the persons with a disability.

This short movie shows how a pilot project organized through Middin, a care organisation, acts as employer in the care sector for young Wajong people. Wajong is the Disablement Assistance Act for Handicapped Young Persons. Through the project, these young adults are given the chance to study and work at the same time. Ultimately, the goal is for them to obtain a diploma and get a job in the care sector. In this movie,Ramón describes his job at one of the Middin locations and provides an overview of his study.

Ephram, who is living in a township in Johannesburg, South Africa, had the opportunity to get permanent employment as a Sports Coach at St Benedict’s College, with assistance from Down Syndrome South Africa. He managed to become part of the staff team with support from his job coach and co- workers. Work has enabled him to become economically independent.

Niall is working for a telephone company in Northern Ireland. Niall has a brain injury. In his former job Niall was an engineer. Due to his injury he couldn't keep his old job. Niall is performing well in his new job.

Kamleswaran, 26 years, has multiple disabilities. He attended the Joy Workshop for two years before being placed through "Into work" (the Joy Workshop's supported employment service) at Mydin Wholesale Emporium, Melaka.